Our investment plans ensure your money is only put to use in line with your ethics and beliefs. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Whether you start your own Circle or join an existing one, you can instantly benefit from a reduction on your COCOA management fee. It is just our way of saying thank you and spreading the word about COCOA’s ethical investment plans. The more people in your Circle the bigger the discount you all receive.

Below shows you the discount you receive for the size of your Circle:

Circle size Discount
2+ 5%
5+ 10%
25+ 15%
50+ 20%

For example:

Emile has invested $15,000 in an ethical investment plan with COCOA. Normally Emile would be charged 0.99% per year, which is $149.50 per year in management fees.

Emile decides to create a Circle and invite five friends. Four of the five friends signed up and in turn they also invited some of their friends. Now the Circle has 27 people as members. This means everyone in the circle gets a 15% discount on his or her fees. Now Emile only pays $126.22.

Definitely not. Our agreement with our custody bank partner means your investment plans are held in completely separate accounts, your assets are held in your name and never mixed with other investor’s money. This offers you the maximum level of protection and we wouldn’t have it any other way. COCOA Circles is just our way of offering you a thank you discount for referring your friends and family and spreading the word about the benefits of ethical investing.

We calculate the discount based on the number of members of the Circle you belong to on the last day of each month. The discount will apply to the latest management fee due.

Your discount is dependent on the number of people in the Circle that you are a member of. Any Circle member is free to leave at any time and join another Circle if they wish. This means the number of members in your Circle may fall below the level you need to obtain your current discount.

Yes. Every member of the Circle gets the same discount no matter how many members you invited or if you were the one that created the Circle. We do this as we think it is the fairest way of rewarding everyone.

Once you are up and running with your COCOA account you can go to your dashboard to create your Circle.

You can invite anyone you wish to your Circle. They can be friends, family, people you work with, anyone really. Every member of the Circle gets the same discount and they are counted as Circle members as soon as they have started investing.

Once you have created your Circle you can invite people via Facebook or email by sending them a link directly. The people you invite just need to click the link and accept the invite and complete the setup process. Once they have started to invest you will all qualify for a discount on your COCOA management fees.

No, there is no need for the owner of the Circle to approve any new member, besides all members of the Circle benefit with lower fees so the more the better!

Yes. When someone shares a Circle invite via social media you can request to join. The Circle owner or the person who shared the link must then approve you.

If the person shared the invite via the COCOA app, you just need to enter the Circle invite code.

No, there isn’t a maximum size limit on members, but the maximum discount is 20% when there are 50 members or more. You can still invite people to the Circle and all members will get the 20% discount. We might introduce some higher discounts in the future so keep inviting and help more people reduce their fees while they ethically invest.

Yes. You can leave any Circle at any time, but before you join a new one you must leave the existing one first as you can only be a member of one Circle at any time.

No, as you can only be a member of one Circle at a time. You can leave the one you are in and create your own if you wish.

No, this would be unfair to the other members of the Circle. Ownership would pass onto the second longest member. If you are the only member then the Circle will close.

As the Circle owner, you will be able to change the name of the Circle, description, and photo. You will also be able to approve or reject requests to join the Circle.

We always take the security of our users’ personal data very seriously. The only information other Circle members can view is your first name. No other personal account data is shared including any information about your investments.

Still have questions?

If you cannot find the answer from our FAQ then you are welcome to write to us here.