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Frequently Asked Questions

Each month you pay a management fee to COCOA, this calculation is based on the amount of money we manage for you. The more we manage for you the lower fee bracket we charge. There are no minimum fees as we want to help you as much as we can to get you started with your first plan. Our fee covers all the costs we incur while managing your money. In addition to this, the funds we invest in also incur a small fund charge, taken by the operators of the funds at the source, for ETFs this is around 0.25% per year. Lastly, there is a small fee charged by our custody bank partner (0.20% per year) for the holding of your assets and all the trade fees and reporting.

In return for your fee you are provided with:

  • Personal Investment Plans built by experts
  • 365 days-a-year expert market monitoring
  • On-going re-balancing of your plans to keep you on track
  • Buying and selling of investments for your plan
  • Round the clock access to your money online and via mobile devices
  • Free withdrawals
  • Your investments held safely by our Custody Bank partner

We quote our management fees based on an annual basis, 0.99% – 0.29% per year of the total money we manage for you. We do this to make it easy to understand and we collect the fee automatically on a monthly basis. All the fees charged are taken directly from your investment account and can be seen in your recent transactions history.

We quote our fee annually, as is the convention and to make it clear what your total cost for the year is, but we actually collect the fee monthly. The maximum management fee we charge is 0.99% per year, which reduces the more we manage for you. So the monthly fee is 1/12 th of this. This means an investor on a fee of 0.99% will pay 0.08% per month.

Both the custody fee (0.20% per year) and the fund fees (averaging around 0.25% each per year) are also taken automatically and are based on the amount of money you have under management. We do not charge a minimum fee or hide costs. The total fee breakdown can always be viewed via your transaction history.

COCOA has developed cutting edge technology to help automate many of the costly processes previously associated with wealth management. We also use technology to aid our managers in the monitoring and asset screening processes, which would have previously been done manually and is highly labour intensive. Another way we save on costs is to use passive investment funds, as it is one of the most cost-effective ways to gain exposure to a market.

Since our solution is 100% digital we do not spend time and money on expensive one-to-one meetings or overly fancy offices. We aim to save on costs where we can without ever comprising the quality of service we offer to you. The savings we can then pass onto you in lower fees.

The fees you are charged are; a management fee to COCOA, a Custody Bank fee, and the fund provider fee. We take these automatically monthly, directly from your account and always viewable in the transaction history section of your online dashboard.

COCOA Management fee

COCOA charges a yearly fee from between 0.99% – 0.29% based on the value of your investments. The fee includes all the costs of managing your investments such as monitoring, investment research and re-balancing your plans.

Fund charges

We favor carefully selected Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) and mutual funds to invest your money. The operator takes a small charge for their operation, typically 0.25% – 1% per year. These are taken at source. 

Custody fee

This is the fee you pay to the Custody Bank for safely looking after your investments and buying or selling the investments in your plans.

You can reduce your fee even further if you join a COCOA Circle.

Yes, any VAT you are eligible to pay is included in your annual fee.

In addition to the COCOA annual fee, you will be charged an average 0.25% per year for the investment funds (ETFs) that we use to build your plans (more for mutual funds). The charge is taken at source directly by the fund providers to compensate them for operating the fund. The fee may change slightly over time, depending on the mix of funds we use in your plans.

You will also incur a Custody Bank fee, again this is taken directly and is around 0.20% per year and covers all transaction costs for buying or selling the investments in your plans as well as the safe holding of your cash and assets.

Your monthly fee amount will depend on the total value of the investments you have with COCOA and the performance of your plans and whether you have added or withdrawn any money. Therefore it is impossible to predict before the month end the exact fee you will be charged. All charges will be clearly displayed on your personal dashboard.

We deduct all fees automatically on the first working day of each month and display them in the transaction history section of the plan detail page of your personal dashboard.

The fund charges are deducted at source by the fund provider and will not show up in your transaction history but are reflected into the value of your holdings.

Yes, they charge 0.20% of your total assets under management with COCOA. This fee covers the safeguarding of your assets and money as well as all transactions costs and foreign exchange fees.

If you start or join an existing COCOA Circle that has two or more members you will all qualify for a discount on your COCOA management fees. The more members that belong to the circle the greater the discount all members will receive.

Learn more about COCOA Circles

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