Our investment plans ensure your money is working hard for you in line with your ethics and beliefs. 

Frequently Asked Questions

COCOA was established as an independent investment company by its founding partners; the goal will always be to provide a better way for people to invest without compromising personal and ethical values. The company to this day is still owned and run by the same founding partners, driven by the vision that a better way to invest and save can be made available to more people around the world. Remaining independent allows us to think long-term and put our customers and their needs first.

Yes. Our Custodian Bank holds your cash and assets on your behalf. Furthermore, your assets are held in segregation (ring-fenced), separate from other investor’s money for maximum protection. Our partner bank is regulated and overseen by a Central Bank, ensuring you have the highest level of consumer protection. As all clients’ assets are ring-fenced even if COCOA was to go out of business your assets are always safe and secure.

COCOA has offices in Copenhagen and London.

Our team of expert Investment Managers build and monitor your plans drawing on years of experience working for companies such as Shroders PLC in London. Our Investment Managers are aided by the use of sophisticated technology and monitoring tools designed to identify any potential risks to your investment plans twenty-four hours a day. We constantly monitor and adjust your plans to ensure you remain only invested in the right ethical and halal investments while sheltering you from any potential market turmoil. 

No. Our current solution does not provide investment advice, however we are looking to add this solution in the future. If you remain unsure of any part of our service we would encourage you to seek the advice of an Independent Financial Adviser

No, this is what our Investment Managers do for you. We build you a personal Investment Plan based on the level of risk you are comfortable with to the time-frame you wish to take to reach your savings goals. Once setup we constantly monitor and adjust your investments to keep you invested in all the right places and on track to reach your goals.

Yes, you need USD 100 to start. We started COCOA with the goal of making ethical investing open and accessible to as many people as possible without compromise. This is why we have set the minimum investment amount to only USD 100. To help you reach your goals you can make additional investments in lump sums, regular amounts and soon a new rounding feature we are working on. You can always withdraw your money anytime without any penalties through your mobile or online. 

No, not at all. We invest for the long-term to grow your wealth for you in line with your ethical values and beliefs while all the time offering shelter from negative forces. As a COCOA investor, you will always have access to your money when you want it, which is why you can withdraw your money via any device with no charge or penalty.

Yes. You always have access your personal investment dashboard via any device such as a mobile, tablet or computer 24 hours a day, every day. From your personal dashboard, you can also add or withdraw money in just a few clicks. We have designed the dashboard to be easy to use and not overcrowded with complicated information. We focus on what is important to you such as the assets you own and the performance and growth, all displayed in an easy to navigate format.

Yes, absolutely. We want to make ethical and halal saving and investing as easy as possible for as many people as possible, that is why you can start from as little as USD 100. You can add cash to your investments with lump sums or regular transfers from your chosen bank account how often you do this is completely up to you.

Yes, we must tell you that all investing comes with some level of risk. With COCOA we offer you the ability to choose the right level of risk you are comfortable with for each investment plan you set up. In this way, you can take more risk with one plan and less with another. Our plans only invest in ethical or certified halal investments and you can select from our five-point scale from ‘cautious’ (low-risk) to ‘adventurous’ (higher-risk). Based on your risk preferences we build you a diversified investment plan designed to grow over the long-term and offer shelter from negative market movements. What’s more, we don’t pick stocks, instead, we carefully select funds that offer cost-effective diversification meaning you not putting all your eggs in one basket. Our Investment Managers oversee the selection of funds and monitor the market to ensure you remain invested in all the right places with good diversification. Spreading your risk is generally accepted as the most sensible ways to invest your money, but no investment is without any risk.

When you set up any COCOA investment plan we will provide you with a ‘predicted value’ of what you can you expect in terms of performance. We use hundreds of complex factors to calculate this number such as past performance of comparable investment funds and expected changes to the investment environment to provide this estimate. The expected value is our best prediction but is not guaranteed and is not perfect. However, it should give you a good idea of what your investment should be worth at the end of the period you have selected.

We use a local custody bank partner who looks after all your cash and investments safely and securely on your behalf. It is the job of financial regulators (such as the FCA in the UK) to oversee the financial industry and ensure that all policies and procedures are followed by financial companies for maximum customer protection.

Yes. We have worked very hard every day to manage our customers diversified ethical halal Investment Plans, designed to build your wealth over the long-term. By offering fractional shares in the funds we use our solutions are suitable for all types of investor. So now it doesn’t matter if you are completely new to the world of building wealth with only a small amount, or are an experienced investor with a large pot.

In addition to diversification, we believe in long-term growth and sheltering the investments we manage from potential headwinds. This is why we do not buy individual stocks but invest your money through an allocated mix of mutual funds and exchange-traded funds (ETFs). These provide the best exposure to hundreds of underlying assets while keeping costs low.

Our Investment Managers constantly monitor and adjust your Investment Plans to ensure they remain on track to reach your goals.

Still have questions?

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