Our investment plans ensure your money is only put to use in line with your ethics and beliefs. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Anyone can open a COCOA account as long as they are over the age of 18. Currently we are not able to accept persons that are a U.S. citizen.

Currently, we are not able to accept U.S. citizens as COCOA customers due to the U.S. tax reporting requirements. This, unfortunately, includes anyone holding a U.S. passport or has an obligation to report to the U.S. authorities.


We do not run credit checks on our customers, but we will ask you for personal information to verify your identity in order to comply with our legal requirements and for your own protection. When you set up a COCOA investment plan we will also ask you a series of suitability questions to ensure the investment plan selected is the right one for you. We do this as part of our ongoing commitment to put the interests of our customers first and be responsible product providers.

The security of personal data is one of our highest priorities at COCOA and we take extra measures to ensure your data is kept safe. Any information transmitted is done using sure SSL technology and 256-bit encryption. We use the same level of strong encryption technology that is used by major international banks and we constantly look for ways to further our security.

When you set up your COCOA password we insist our customers use upper and lower case letters, numbers and special characters to make it more secure.

We must remind our customers that they also have a responsibility to keep their passwords secure and not to share or give access to any other party.

COCOA is on a mission to open up ethical investing to as many people as possible, this is why we have worked so hard to bring you all the benefits of a fully diversified and professionally managed investment plan that you can open with just $100. We do not charge any additional fees if you have a smaller account and there are no minimum fees.

There is no maximum account size with any COCOA investment plan.

Once we have been contacted by the legally-appointed executors of the deceased and provided proof of death the COCOA assets will be frozen and we will await further instructions of where to transfer the assets.

We regularly provide a number of reports relating to your COCOA account. These will be sent directly to your COCOA account and can be accessed by logging in. The reports you should expect include:

  • Account Statements: These provide an overview of the investments you hold with COCOA including a statement of what they are worth and the transactions over the period. We will email these to your COCOA inbox quarterly.
  • Contract Notes: These will be securely mailed to you each time we trade on your behalf.

As a COCOA customer, you are always able to view your investment plans online via any device 24/7. Just visit your COCOA dashboard.

Yes, you are free to close your COCOA account completely if you wish. You just need to select this option within the app for a full account closure and we will process your request and return your money to your designated bank account. It may take up to ten working days for us to deliver the cash to your bank account; it can be sooner depending on when we receive your request.

Yes, you can start as many investment plans as you wish by clicking on “Create New Plan”. Many of our users open one for each of their financial goals such as saving for their children’s future, a wedding, buying a house or just planning for the future. Just follow the same process as you did when you opened your first investment plan except we do not need the personal information we already gathered from you. There is no charge for opening or closing an investment plan and your management fee is based on the total value of all your plans combined.

Yes, you can set up an Investment Plan for any saving goal you have. Many of our customers set up a COCOA Investment Plan for each one if their children. You could even ask them to name it.

No, at this moment in time we do not offer joint accounts but we do have plans to do this in the future.

Yes, we can provide you with a letter confirming to your employer that COCOA acts as your Discretionary Investment Manager meaning we make all the investment decisions on your behalf without your influence. In most cases, this is acceptable and would not require you to disclose each and every investment you hold through your COCOA Investment Plans.

If you are in any doubt you should check with your employer first as company policy can vary.

For security reasons, you can only currently register one bank account to make your deposits and withdrawals into and out of your COCOA account. If you wish to change the registered bank account with COCOA, please send us a secure message and we will be happy to provide further instructions.

Please note that if you attempt to make a payment into your COCOA account from a bank account not registered with COCOA we will not be able to recognise it and will be forced to return the payment.

Still have questions?

If you cannot find the answer from our FAQ then you are welcome to write to us here.