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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, COCOA Invest is authorised and regulated by the Central Bank of Bahrain (CBB) currently within the Sandbox programme.

The CBB regulates the financial services industry in Bahrain. Under article 3 of the law the Central Bank of Bahrain’s main objectives are as follows:

  • Set and implement monetary, credit and other financial sector policies for the Kingdom of Bahrain;
  • Provide effective central banking services to the government and financial sector of the Kingdom;
  • Develop the financial sector and enhance confidence therein; and
  • Protect the interests of depositors and customers of financial institutions, and enhance the Kingdom’s credibility as an international financial center.

The Central Bank of Bahrain operates a deposit and unrestricted investment accounts protection scheme. The scheme covers eligible account holders of individuals up to BD 20,000 from the total amount of their eligible accounts.

When you sign up for a COCOA plan we undertake a number of checks on your identity by verifying certain documentation such as your passport or driving license. We need to obtain this information to comply with international standards on money laundering. COCOA is committed to the highest level of security and industry best practices to ensure we fully comply with international rules and keep your data and assets safe at all times.

No, we do not undertake a credit background check on you.

At COCOA we want you to have the best level of service possible as we understand it is only by offering this would you consider recommending us to your family and friends. However, we understand that sometimes customers can feel disappointed for one reason or another. You can let us know about your complaint by sending us a secure message from your COCOA account or by calling the office.

We aim to deal with all complaints as soon as possible and fairly.

Our complaints policy is here.

Our Terms and Conditions are available to download and read. You will be asked to read and accept them when you sign up, and you can find a link to them from the footer of our website. 

You can find all of our Custody Bank policies by clicking on the links below:

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