Our investment plans ensure your money is only put to use in line with your ethics and beliefs. 

Yes we must tell you that all investing comes with some level of risk. With COCOA we offer you the ability to choose the right level of risk you are comfortable with for each Investment Plan you set up. In this way you can take more risk with one plan and less with another.

Our Plans only invest in ethical and halal investments and you can select from our five-point scale from ‘cautious’ (low-risk) to ‘adventurous’ (higher-risk). Based on your risk preferences we build you a diversified investment plan designed to grow over the long-term and offer shelter from negative market movements.

What’s more, we don’t pick stocks, instead we carefully select funds that offer cost effective diversification meaning you not putting your eggs in one basket. Our investment managers oversee that selection of funds and monitor the market to ensure you remain invested in all the right places with good diversification. Spreading your risk is generally accepted as the most sensible way to invest your money, but no investing is without any risk.

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