Our investment plans ensure your money is only put to use in line with your ethics and beliefs. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. We have worked very hard to bring you fully diversified ethical portfolios that are designed to build your wealth over the long term. By offering fractional shares in the funds we use our solutions are suitable for all types of investor.

So now it doesn’t matter if you are completely new to the world of building wealth through investing and have only a small amount to start with or are an experienced investor.

In addition to diversification we believe in long-term growth. This is why we do not buy individual stocks but invest your money through an allocated mix of mutual funds and exchange-traded funds (ETFs). These provide the best exposure to hundreds of underlying assets while keeping costs low.

Our investment professionals constantly monitor and adjust your investment plans to ensure your Investment Plan remain on track.
The expected value is our best prediction but is not guaranteed and is not perfect. However it should give you a good idea of what your investment should be worth at the end of the period you have selected.

Still have questions?

If you cannot find the answer from our FAQ then you are welcome to write to us here.