We've made ethical investing accessible

Until now it has been very difficult and expensive to access professionally managed halal investments. We wanted to change that. Our investment solutions offer you a modern low cost way of building wealth over the long-term while not sacrificing your principles. 

No lock in period

Low fees

$100 minimum account

Fully digital


Set up

Tell us about your goals, how much you want to start with and how long you want to invest for. Based on this information we will show you our recommendation and how much it could be worth in the future.

With us your money is never locked away and you can withdraw it anytime knowing we only invest in companies that share your values and beliefs.

We invest

When you fund your account we build you your personal investment plan and manage it for you everyday. You do not have to decide what to buy and sell or worry about monitoring the market; we do all of this for you.

We only make investments in assets that are certified as halal and have passed our rigorous compliance screens. COCOA continuously monitors your investments to ensure they remain certified and fit for your plan.

Built for long-term growth our investment plans provide diversification by investing in various asset classes. This means we do not take risks with your money; instead we focus on growth and shelter from bad times.

We Optimize

Our systems are constantly collecting and analyzing financial data from across the financial markets. We use leading technology and our industry experience to identify turbulence in the financial markets so we can adjust your investment plans into less risky assets at the right time.

Our primary aim is to invest your money in high quality ethical assets to take full advantage of growth while being able to shelter them quickly in times of headwinds.

Please still remember that as with all investing the value of your investments can go down as well as up. 

What’s holding you back?

I don’t have enough money…
You don’t need to have lots of money to start investing with COCOA. You can open an investment Plan with as little as 100 USD and pay in as little or as much as you like, when you like.
I don’t understand it…
No need to worry. We have built our solution so that you don’t need any experience at all. Our team of investment experts make all the investment decisions on your behalf and monitor them daily to ensure you stay on track.
It’s expensive…
COCOA charges a low annual fee to manage your investments for you. This starts at 0.99% and goes as low as 0.29% (per year) depending on the total value of your investments. We invest your money through funds which themselves have a charge, for example ETFs typically charge 0.20% per year taken by the product providers. We disclose all charges in our dashboard so there are never any surprises.
It’s too risky for me…
As with most things in life there is some risk involved. With COCOA you decide what level of risk you are comfortable with and we build your investment Plan accordingly. You can check on the performance of your Plan 24/7 via your dashboard accessible via your mobile or online. You can withdraw your money anytime without penalty through the application with just a few clicks.
I don’t want to lock my money away…
Your money is not locked away, far from it. You have complete access to your money anytime and can also top up through monthly deposits, rounding or lump sums when you feel like it. You can also monitor how your plans are performing anywhere via any device or online 24/7.

Ethical Investing for everyone

Everyone can grow a better future with 
ethical and investing.