How we invest

We put your money to work by investing in high quality funds certified as ethical and halal from some of the world’s largest asset managers. Some of the funds we select include a basket of shares or shariah bonds. Others include assets such as commodities, for example precious metals and agricultural goods. Spreading your risk across many investments is known as diversification and is essential to managing risk.

The COCOA investment team monitor and adjust the mix of funds in your investment plans according to the financial market environment to keep you on track.

Research process

We start by identifying the key drivers of risk and return. We then spend time understanding the best strategies to express our insights.

Monitoring process

We have programmed a series of sophisticated systems and controls to monitor the market including the use of investment theory developed by Dr. Harry Markowitz, a Nobel Prize-winning economist.

Data collection

Our systems collect data from across global financial markets every day. Using technology allows us to keep costs down and pass this onto you through lower fees.

Portfolio Management

Our experienced investment managers use this information to make the best decisions for your investment plans. They rebalance and review constantly to ensure they perform as expected.

Continuous Improvement

If we identify risk in the financial markets we buy and sell to position your plans into less risky assets in order to protect them. We aim to build your wealth over the long-term while sheltering you from headwinds.

Ethical Investing for everyone

Everyone can grow a better future with 
ethical and investing.