Affordable investing

At COCOA we believe that investing should be clear, ethical and affordable.
We charge a simple annual fee for managing your investments of no more than 0.99% and as low as 0.29%, depending on the total value of all investment plans you hold with us.

In addition to our management fee, there are some external costs, such as a fund charge due to the operator of the fund taken directly, for ETFs this is typically 0.20% per year. We process all the external charges for you so you will never get an unexpected surprise. All the charges are displayed in your dashboard for your review at any time.

Just one clear annual fee

What will I be charged?

We charge one fee of the total assets we manage for you

5 % (per year)
$100 - $49,999
5 % (per year)
$50,000 - $249,999
5 % (per year)
$250,000 - $499,999
5 % (per year)

Ethical Investing for everyone

Everyone can grow a better future with 
ethical and halal investing.